New Lasik Clinic

C& Partners Architects is hired to design a contemporary lasik surgery clinic in Oakville.  Situated in 5,000 sf linear space, C& Partners is challenged to create a welcoming environment within the confines of a long and narrow space. To avoid a long corridor cutting though the space, the idea of a curved, wave-like corridor was explored to allow for a gradual transition between rooms.

To maintain privacy for the patients while simultaneously achieving an open concept feeling, frosted and fritted glass are used for partitions. Glass and high gloss finishes are used throughout the clinic, as it mimics the appearance of an eye.

Circles are the recurrent theme of the design, as it is resembles the shape of the eye and complements the undulations of the corridor. Circular textures and perforations are used as design elements throughout the exam rooms and reception area.

The Matrin-Schultz Eye Colour Chart was studied while determining the colours and materials used in the clinic. With blue as the base colour, accents of amber, grey and various shades of wood are incorporated into the design.


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