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Toronto (April 22, 2013) - C& Partners Architects has completed design and construction of Sick Kids Hospital's satellite Boomerang Children's Clinic. Located in Vaughan, ON, the clinic's patient-centered design has opened up possibilities for a contemporary space that is intuitive, educational, interactive and fun. "The overall aesthetic of the space allows our young patients to feel comfortable and at ease when in a medical setting. We therefore made the decision to incorporate whimsical and playful installations to our design," says Aaron Cheng, Partner of C & Partners Architects. "For instance, a circular column in the reception area is transformed into a tree with leaves growing out from its ceiling - as children wait for their appointment, they are welcome to write their names or draw a picture on paper leaves which we will then hang and form as part of this growing tree."                                                                                                         


Throughout the design, C & Partners used graphic silhouettes and undulating landscape to encourage the pursuit of "fun" and "play". The variety of shapes, textures and colours allow for visual stimulation for children visiting the clinic.

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Sarah Iwata

Partner, C& Partners Architects

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