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Stonechurch Childcare_Cover.jpg

Stonechurch Childcare

Hamilton, Ontario. Work in Progress.


It has been proven that connecting children with open, natural spaces has a healthy impact on their wellness. The Hamilton Daycare, as a result, incorporates a central courtyard as well as an interior garden to reinforce this connection. By carefully studying daycare’s schedule and flow, we’ve developed an optimized plan that allowed the owner to run the daycare efficiently. The design intended to increase the connection between the interior and exterior, and therefore, the classrooms revolve around the courtyard. The children, from various age groups, pass through the interior garden on the way to the exterior playground; they get to witness the progress and growth of their plants. Moreover, this configuration allows for every classroom to have a view to the exterior courtyard, maximizing the sunlight penetration.

The exterior design is expressive, colourful and playful in its presentation. It incorporate the daycare aesthetic, yet uses natural-toned colours, bird-friendly glazing, non-voltaic paint and wood accents to blend in with the exterior surrounding.

Additional services included assisting the client to apply for a license under the Ministry of Education and having the space approved by different authorities. Our design team also worked with selected consultants and engineers to provide adequate indoor lighting for the classrooms and create a comfortable temperature for the interior spaces, benefitting the greenhouse and the indoor garden as well.